Jeremy Cooney

State Senate

Project Description

Jeremy Cooney first ran against Republican Joseph Robach in 2018, where he received 44% of the vote against the longtime legislator. In 2019, Robach announced he would not seek reelection, opening up the seat. With the district being leaning Democratic by voter registration and the political atmosphere calling for social justice, Parkside knew Cooney had a chance in 2020 to flip this seat.

Our Approach
Parkside connected Cooney’s unique story - he was adopted from an Indian orphanage and raised by a single mother and her Irish family in Rochester - to his passion for his local community, driving home his commitment to fully funding schools and healthcare, especially during a pandemic. By targeting well-educated Democratic and Independent voters, Parkside made Cooney the candidate of the future of Greater Rochester.

The Results
In a district that a Republican-held for almost two decades, Cooney was able to flip this seat blue with over 55% of the vote. Parkside’s ability to weave Cooney’s personal narrative into the issues that voters cared about was crucial to breaking to the forefront of voters’ minds in a Presidential election cycle.


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September 28, 2021

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