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November 22, 2022

Joe Reubens Spoke About the Benefits of Field Organizing

Joe Reubens Spoke About the Benefits of Field Organizing

Reubens, a partner at Parkside spoke to City & State about the importance of on-the-ground organizing:

But the story of the 2022 midterm elections was about how the “Set It and Forget It” approach to campaigning – messaging almost exclusively through TV advertising costs the Democrats higher margins where they won races and cost them seats they perhaps could have won. By contrast, the state Senate Democratic Conference knocked on over 600,000 doors and had boots on the ground in key marginal seats as early as August. Our candidates met with and engaged activists and political clubs in every neighborhood across the state. On Election Day, our candidates won many races where congressional candidates with overlapping districts lost. Indeed, many of our members won their races at the same time that Zeldin was winning their districts simultaneously – showing there are indeed many ticket splitting voters left in key districts. TV is a powerful medium we use, but the story of 2022 is that the power of grassroots organizing is not to be overlooked.


You can read the full article here>>


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