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Project Description

The Challenge
As the universe of nonprofit organizations continues to expand, both locally and nationally, these same institutions also find themselves in a highly competitive environment, when it comes to seeking charitable support. Creative, strategic fundraising solutions are therefore essential to long-term success.

The Parkside Group began working with the National 9/11 Memorial & Museum in 2016 - tasked with improving their approach to direct response fundraising campaigns.


The Solution
Our strategy to reimagine the Memorial & Museum's existing, decade-old direct mail program was two-fold:

1. Use our award-winning creative team to design eye-catching (but affordable) direct mail pieces that stand-out in the mailbox and tell meaningful stories that generate financial support.

2. Bring our expertise in targeting and list management to ensure a greater focus on the most likely potential donors - making every communication more efficient (and effective).


The Result
We helped the Memorial & Museum maximizes revenue from its existing donor/member base and carefully steward finite resources, while also acquiring thousands of new contributors to support the institution’s sacred mission to “Always Remember...Never Forget.”

We are deeply proud to be a part of the team helping to support and amplify the 9/11 Memorial & Museum mission to commemorate, educate, and inspire.


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