Andrew Gounardes

State Senate

Project Description

Redistricting changed the demographics and geography of Andrew Gounardes' State Senate district in a very real and profound way. Suddenly he was running in a Democratic primary in a district that was 75% new to him.

And his opponent was a former popular Councilman who had represented 75% of the district for a decade.

The math was simple. Gounardes was in a fight for his political life.


Our Approach
We knew we needed to introduce and credential Gounardes in the new parts of the district while using a robust field program to turn out his base in the old parts of the district. Our communication not only used popular endorsers, who were known in the new parts of the district, but also retold Andrew’s story.


Our Result
Despite being outspent and his opponent beginning the campaign better known than he was, Senator Gounardes was handily re-elected in the new district.


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