Rockland County Department of Health

Childhood Immunization Outreach Campaign

Project Description

The Challenge
Rockland County’s immunization rates for children lag far behind much of New York State for a variety of diseases. Schools have experienced measles outbreaks and the first polio case in the United States in a decade was identified there.

We were contracted to devise an advertising and public relations effort that could reach specific communities that were anecdotally understood to have lower rates of child vaccine uptake. With a modest budget and an expectation that we include radio advertising, digital advertising, print advertising, and design for a variety of materials such as pamphlets and posters, we needed to utilize effective targeting while ensuring our design was appropriate across a variety of cultures.


Our Solution
Parkside built an outreach and education campaign focused on meeting the targets who mattered most - parents of young children - in the places where they would most likely be focused on this issue. Through geo-targeted digital advertising, we reached parents on their phones at local OBGYNs, pediatrician offices, and daycares. In those same facilities and in houses of worship, we placed pamphlets designed in four languages that contained a wealth of information on vaccines. Through extensive conversations with local religious leaders and elected officials, we identified print advertising and radio advertising opportunities that were specifically geared to reach certain communities, and we successfully pitched earned media opportunities to the same publications and stations.

Parkside’s culturally competent approach to advertising and earned media, combined with our highly efficient budget planning, helped the Health Department reach deeper and more authentically into neighborhoods that had previously been less receptive to immunization messaging.


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