Political & Public Affairs Campaigns

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As the leading campaign management and public affairs firm in New York, our team knows how to build winning coalitions that lead to victories at the ballot box and in the halls of government. From our sophisticated voter modeling and research techniques to our award-winning advertising, we bring a coordinated and deeply informed approach to […]

Government Relations

Winning Campaigns

Our team’s in-depth knowledge of local, state, and federal government enables us to provide our clients with a blueprint for success in the public sector and a unique insight into what hazards to avoid. We help identify key public officials best suited to champion our clients’ causes as we advocate on their behalf. Our firm […]

Nonprofit Fundraising & Advocacy

We know what it takes for nonprofit institutions and advocacy organizations to succeed in New York. By using tested strategies to increase revenue and cut down on costs, we build sophisticated fundraising campaigns that support cultural institutions. Deploying lessons learned from high-stakes political and public affairs efforts, we efficiently target for acquiring new members.  We improve […]

Advertising & Creative Services

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Our in-house creative team, seasoned media buyers, and top-notch strategists work together to create effective and inspired advertising across all mediums.  From direct mail to TV commercials to sponsored social media content, we have produced thousands of advertisements and won dozens of awards for our work on behalf of campaigns, cultural institutions, and public affairs […]

Press & Public Relations

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Winning the message battle and building successful coalitions takes communications and press expertise. Our principals have cut their teeth in the trenches of the world’s media capital, and helped our clients disseminate a disciplined message. Whether it’s crisis communications, proactive media engagement, or keeping a story out of the press, we tackle the most challenging […]

Polling & Research

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The Parkside Group has over a decade of experience in quantitative and qualitative research and we have fielded surveys in every corner of New York State. Our firm has a track record of creating accurate and affordable polling instruments for candidates, PACs, private corporations, advocacy groups and labor unions. Whether you are a Fortune 500 […]